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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well I Swear

Swearing-in Ceremony
Who knew that one would be 'sworn-in' to law school? On Friday Aug. 21 Joseph and his class of 2012 classmates were sworn in by a 10th Circuit Court judge. Here is the oath they took:
"I do solemnly swear that I will support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Utah; that I will strictly observe the Student Code, the Utah Standards of Professionalism and Civility and the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct as they apply to my professional, educational, and personal activities as a law student."
It was really a very impressive occasion with all the students dressed for success. It is a sharp group and Joseph is grateful to be a part of it.

Classes Begin
Last week was orientation for law school. . .this week classes began but with interesting twists including several opportunities to engage with the law community in Salt Lake. Joseph's comment on Facebook about Friday read: "attended a Federal Appeals Court today, it was fascinating! Naughty cops, immigration statute, armed felons, and I'm pretty sure a death penalty case will be overturned -- kind of exciting :) " He's going to like this stuff. He's reading and doing notes hours everyday along with the long hours at the university. He's getting back into 'diligent student mode' after the summer off.

AV Production Services Division Workshop
Tim attended a intensive day out of the office with his co-workers on Monday. He presented a session on Technology and Global Media with a PowerPoint presentation entitled "Change Happens". The final video he used was the following:

The implications of social media for the Church are very exciting. One of the things we have as Latter-day Saints that no one else has is 13 million independent witnesses of the Truth. Think of the impact as members engage friends and new contacts via social media (such as this blog). Things continually change and God is at the helm. We have the responsibility to prepare ourselves to use the inventions and creations that he is bringing about. Read Elder Ballard's BYU Commencement address:Engaging . . . and also the article Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet for ideas.

Several members of the division did a skit explaining the new Digital Asset Management System AV is implementing. Tim was designated as the "InJESTER" (all assets have to be ingested into the digital system). It was fun, and everyone learned the key points. The end of the day everyone split up to video things that might be "stock footage". It was a good experience.

Audiovisual Summer Social
Gloria and Tim really enjoyed Friday evening with the AV Department employees. The food was incredible and the company the best! The entertainment was as exceptional as it was unusual: A standup satirical PowerPoint by John R Uibel and David Monsen two of our creative and talented directors. What a hoot! (As we used to say in Idaho.)

Mormon Channel
The Church's audio programming channel Mormon Channel continues to be a success. Please share the link with your friends. This week Tim interviewed Paul and Sara Peterson from Lee's Ferry, Virgina, recently returned as president of the Switzerland Geneva Mission. The program is Into All the World and these programs will start being available soon (Correlation reports listening for approval, so the programs are finding their way through the system).
Here is the widget to listen to the Mormon Channel now:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

School Begins Again

School Starts Tomorrow
There were initial signs of withdrawal from the Summer break at the Taggart home this week as Joseph scrambled to get things ready for Law School starting tomorrow. He has figured out how to read this text books digitally and take notes and has started his reading already. With nearly $1,000 worth of books this semester alone, he's in for a fun ride. With determination and trust in the Lord, he's ready to take on whatever may come!

StoryCorps Recording
Many of you have requested the link to the full recording of Joseph's StoryCorp interview which was excerpted on KCPW a couple of weeks ago.

Here is the link to th
e full 45 minute MP3 file:
Joseph Taggart - StoryCorps Full Recording

on Mormon Channel
Tim has had the opportunity to interview several individuals for the
Mormon Channel, the program is Into All the World. He interviewed his friends Ken and Mary DuVall (photo on left) last week as well as Pres Oswaldo Pastore, Stake President of the Sao Paulo Brazil Jardim de Saude Stake. This week Tim interviewed Lee and Holly Van Dam (photo on left) Tuesday, recently returned as Pres. of the China Hong Kong Mission (in studio) and also President Patricio Giuffra of the Santiago Chile La Reina Stake (by phone). What a marvelous opportunity. We will post links to these programs after they are edited and made available.

Family Gatherings
Good weather brings family together. This week we had the opportunity to get together with the Hadley cousins (Gloria's mothers family) in Logan. The Hadley brothers are a fun bunch we have missed getting together more often. On Saturday we went to Gloria's nephew Eric Nish's home for a family gathering. It is always great to get together.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fred and Eulalie's Family Fest

Taggart Reunion
This weekend was the Fred and Eulalie Taggart Family Reunion held every other year. This year near Morgan (Taggart roots) at the Tifie Ranch. It was a wonderful location and a well organized and fun reunion. Only Tim's aunt LaRee Scott was there representing the children's generation. The first-cousins all gathered for a photo on Saturday.

Tim and Gloria spoke on Friday night, sharing family experiences and relating experiences of the older generations. Tim's talk was entitled "Called To Do Things We Think We Just Can't Do" it comes from an experience of his grandmother who when she heard of a neighbor taking in a 12 year old to raise said: "Well I would never take another's child to raise, those that want them can have them, I don't want them." Her father said in reply, "You don't know what you would do."

Grandmother who was nursing her 6 week old baby girl at the time, relates that about 11 PM that very night a knock came at her door. There stood a ward member with a newborn baby girl. The baby's mother was in convulsions and they needed someone to take the baby and nurse it and care for it. Grandmother relates: "Well the first thing that came to me was what I had said that day, I wouldn't take someone else (It struck me right in the face.) Well I just reached out my arms and took that tiny little thing and said, 'yes and I will do all I can.'" She said, "Well I took it and loved it and done all I could till it was 3 months old, I gave it a good start. . . We should be very careful what we say because we may be called to do the things we think we just can't do." Applies to all of us doesn't it? (The photo on the left above is of little Anne Beck when she was a young girl).

Tim did a sleep study at a facility this week to see if he has a sleeping disorder. With a hundred electronic probes and being video recorded all night . . . there was definite disorder in his sleep . . . induced! In his opinion the Celestial kingdom will include no bothersome time for sleep. There are too many things to learn and to do to waste it snoring.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

New Trees, Canadian Leaves & Best Buddies

New Trees
After the last two weeks of deforestation at the Taggarts it was time to renew the forests of Taylorsville this week. With lots of help from Elizabeth and our young friends the Westovers, we got rid of the sawdust (leftovers form grinding the stumps), filled in the old holes and dug new holes for three new trees. Monday Tim and Gloria traveled the valley visiting nurseries examining trees and prices. They came home with two Mulberry trees (like in our front yard) and a maple. By the end of the day the trees were in the ground trying to stretch themselves to provide a tiny bit of shade. Friday and Saturday we patched the lawn a bit with sod and put mulch on the flower beds by Joseph's room.

Canadian Leaves
The pretty kind, but not vegetation! Lisa Aldridge from Alberta spent the week with us. We all enjoy it while she's here and hate to see her go. She and Joseph had lots of fun out and about enjoying the summertime.

MLS All-Stars
Joseph enjoyed the All-star game with friends. It's great to have Major League Soccor in Salt Lake.

Best Buddies
Saturday Morning Joseph had the opportunity to speak to the Best Buddies of Utah Chapter heads at the Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake. It was a great young group and he did a terrific job talking about setting goals. Afterward they asked him questions and visited about his experience.

Farmers Market
After Joseph's talk to the Best Buddies, he went with nephew Ethan, Gloria and Tim to the Salt Lake Farmers Market. Ethan loved the great handmade toys and things, and the family scored some rasberries, blackberries, crusty bread and more . . . The best part is watching the people. It's a fun crowd. Ethan like the sword the balloon artist made as well.

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