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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well I Swear

Swearing-in Ceremony
Who knew that one would be 'sworn-in' to law school? On Friday Aug. 21 Joseph and his class of 2012 classmates were sworn in by a 10th Circuit Court judge. Here is the oath they took:
"I do solemnly swear that I will support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Utah; that I will strictly observe the Student Code, the Utah Standards of Professionalism and Civility and the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct as they apply to my professional, educational, and personal activities as a law student."
It was really a very impressive occasion with all the students dressed for success. It is a sharp group and Joseph is grateful to be a part of it.

Classes Begin
Last week was orientation for law school. . .this week classes began but with interesting twists including several opportunities to engage with the law community in Salt Lake. Joseph's comment on Facebook about Friday read: "attended a Federal Appeals Court today, it was fascinating! Naughty cops, immigration statute, armed felons, and I'm pretty sure a death penalty case will be overturned -- kind of exciting :) " He's going to like this stuff. He's reading and doing notes hours everyday along with the long hours at the university. He's getting back into 'diligent student mode' after the summer off.

AV Production Services Division Workshop
Tim attended a intensive day out of the office with his co-workers on Monday. He presented a session on Technology and Global Media with a PowerPoint presentation entitled "Change Happens". The final video he used was the following:

The implications of social media for the Church are very exciting. One of the things we have as Latter-day Saints that no one else has is 13 million independent witnesses of the Truth. Think of the impact as members engage friends and new contacts via social media (such as this blog). Things continually change and God is at the helm. We have the responsibility to prepare ourselves to use the inventions and creations that he is bringing about. Read Elder Ballard's BYU Commencement address:Engaging . . . and also the article Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet for ideas.

Several members of the division did a skit explaining the new Digital Asset Management System AV is implementing. Tim was designated as the "InJESTER" (all assets have to be ingested into the digital system). It was fun, and everyone learned the key points. The end of the day everyone split up to video things that might be "stock footage". It was a good experience.

Audiovisual Summer Social
Gloria and Tim really enjoyed Friday evening with the AV Department employees. The food was incredible and the company the best! The entertainment was as exceptional as it was unusual: A standup satirical PowerPoint by John R Uibel and David Monsen two of our creative and talented directors. What a hoot! (As we used to say in Idaho.)

Mormon Channel
The Church's audio programming channel Mormon Channel continues to be a success. Please share the link with your friends. This week Tim interviewed Paul and Sara Peterson from Lee's Ferry, Virgina, recently returned as president of the Switzerland Geneva Mission. The program is Into All the World and these programs will start being available soon (Correlation reports listening for approval, so the programs are finding their way through the system).
Here is the widget to listen to the Mormon Channel now:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with Law School. (I have two family memebers who are attornies and I only trust one of them.)
Read you resume. Impressive.
School has started for me as well. Just three classes on Tuesday and Thursdays. Every other Friday I lounge around the Huntsman Institute getting shot up with poisons (true) and, then, the following weekend I'm flat on my back.

Was good to see a photo of Matt in your blog. (Your "hottie" friend in the photo was cute too.) I think it's wonderful that Matt has been such a devoted friend.
Best to you Tim and Gloria.

Sep 6, 2009, 6:14:00 PM  
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