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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Story Continues

EBM Story Continues with Reunion next Friday

of a Princess
Elizabeth's daughter Cheyenne Bird had her 4th Birthday party last week. It was appropriately themed 'a Princess Party'.

ers in the Universe
Joseph was officially accepted this week into the Public Administration Masters Program at the University of Utah. He has been taking classes this semester as a non-matriculated graduate student. . . but now it's official, he's an articulate matriculate. He will do this concurrent with a law degree beginning this Fall.

The real story this week is StoryCorps. (Read moreā€¦) This is a great concept and a great organization. They are here in Utah starting last Friday for the next six weeks. The trailer is parked on the east side of the City&County Building (note the ramp in place for access). Joseph was referred to them by the Disability Law Center and was one of their first "Stories". The converted Airstream trailer is a recording studio where Joseph as the "Storyteller" and Tim as the "Interviewer" had a 45min session Friday after work. Joseph did a great job. We will try to set up a link so you can download the interview in MP3 format.

Story of New Beginnings
Aaron Genneca Sando is one of our great EBM missionaries. He grew up in Liberia and has his degree from BYU-Idaho. Saturday he was married in Idaho Falls to his sweet heart Carmelita, originally from Nigeria. Tim was able to go up and be witness. It was a wonderful day and a great celebration. We look forward to seeing the new couple next week for our EBM reunion.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

There and Back Again

Spring Break
Joseph has been enjoying Spring Break this week chillin' with friends and fam. He was accepted by another law school. The University of Arizona Rogers College of Law has also offered a series of scholorships over the course of the degree. There are still things happening with the U Law School as well.

Back Again
Tim Returned from his Asian trip on Saturday, a bit dead from jet lag and with a cold from Hong Kong but glad to be home. The Saturday previous in Jakarta, Bertha and Hendro took Tim on a trip to the Taman Safari with their family. It was a great day. It was really interesting to see the vendors selling carrots and bananas on the road before the entrance to the park. Inside you drive your car through the beautiful mountian woods meeting animals from all over the world. In the Baby Animal Zoo you could hold the animals as well. It poured rain in the afternoon but it didn't spoil the fun.

Sabbath in Jakarta
Last Sunday Tim attended one of the Indonesian speaking branches in Jakarta. The building is beautiful and the saints even more so. The Young Men and Young Women were very impressive, some of them even played the piano and conducted the music for the sacrament meeting. Tim did interviews with several of them for possible future use for the Church. They have great testimonies and are committed to missions and temple marriage. Note the photo on the left of Sis. Atin Limbong (Translation Supervisor) and her family.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Update from Jakarta

Around the World in A Daze
Tim left last Saturday for Jakarta, Indonesia on assignment to record Legacy in the Indonesian language.
The itinerary called for a flight from SCL to Frankfort (stopping briefly in Cincinatti Ohio to change planes). Then after a 12 hour layover, flying on to Jakarta -- with a stop in Singapore on the way. After 40 hours the trip was successful. . . he arrived and survived. He took a photo of the map as he flew over the old mission field.
Frankfurt was rainy and freezing cold. It would undoubtedly be a beautiful city with some heat and sunshine. At any rate Tim enjoyed the train ride to the main rail station in Frankfurt and back to the airport.

The shower and bed felt fantastic when Tim finally arrived in Jakarta Monday night. It's the rainy season in Indonesia, averaging 1/2 inch a day, imagine Tim's surprize seeing beautiful sunshine Tuesday morning (see the photo out the hotel window). Tuesday was spent in a orientation and training session with Sujud the person assigned as the local AV producer on staff. He is newly assigned and this will be his first language production. Atin, the experienced and terrific Translation Supervisor joined them along with Jennet, newly assigned as an AV translator on the Legacy project.

In the Studio
The rest of the week was spent in 12 hour days in the recording studio. We have never used the Genada Studio before, but it is perfect for our work.
The owners are wonderful members of the Church. Bertha is a well known film producer who has worked on AV projects before, her husband Hendro is a brilliant musician and vocalist who is well known in his own right. Together with their team of engineers, directors and voice talent they make a great team. The production quality is excellent. The photos include "Eliza" dubbing her lines. The group portrait is of L to R: Hendro, Bertha, Jennet, Atin, Tim and Sujud.

Dining on King Cobra
One of Tim's memories of the week was feasting on a local delicasy, King Cobra kebab. It was really quite good. It is rumored to make you energetic and less sleepy. . . sure enough after the reptilian dining experience Tim had enough energy to take care of emails and call home before hitting the jet-lag wall and collapsing in bed. Good thing he still has a week away from home. . . Gloria wouldn't kiss lips that touched snake for at least a week!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Work as Adventure

Adventure at Work
Joseph continue's to enjoy his work at the disability law center. Tim stopped by this week and caught this photo of him at work. His coworker Andrew Riggle is laboring away in the background.

Work as Adventure: Indonesia
Tim leaves Saturday March 7th for Indonesia to record the Indonesian language version of Legacy. (Legacy. DVD, multilingual) He is looking forward to meeting the new local producer Sujud Ariano and providing training. Tim will report more from there in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Iowa Too

Iowa says Yes!
Another acceptance letter for Joseph this week. . . The University of Iowa College of Law liked what they saw in him. One of our former missionaries is a student there, and his Local Bishop is a professor. Joseph met him at the Law Fair at the U last year. They were in mutual admiration of each other . . . that may have helped. There have been a few letters from other schools this week saying 'thanks, but no thanks'. It is all good.

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