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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

JAZZed about Spring --4/29/07

This is an exciting time of year. Joseph and his Dad have been catching the Utah Jazz games (usually played back from the DVR, skipping comercials). The playoffs are exciting . . . GO JAZZ.

Saturday the Westlake 9th Ward crew wereback turning on the water in the new back yard sprinklers and setting them up. It's amazng how good things are starting to look and how engaged Joseph is in the outdoors. He is learning all about tress, shrubs and plants and also enjoying the new birds lollygagging about since the birdfeeders were put up. We even have a couple of doves joining the congregation.

Joseph is finishing up the semester at the UofU this next week and is already enrolled in Summer and Fall Semesters. When he's not studying he keeps up on the movies. (Note nephew Ethan delivering the latest Netflix DVD).

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Warning: Not for the Squeamish 4/22/07

The weather this week has not been for the squeamish. Dad arrived home from the National Association of Broadcasters Convention on Wednesday to a blizzard. Ah Spring in Utah.

The part that is really not for the squeamish are the photos attached to this blog. Joseph has been attending each week an SCI (Spinal cord injury) forum held at the Salt Lake Public Library (first photo). As part of the discussion they had "show and tell". The second photo is of a human arm and shoulder. The explanation of injury and recovery was most impactful with the object lesson. The third photo is of a human brain and spinal cord.

Our body is a miracle. Understanding it and learning to live with it is a challenge. Joseph said he really learned a lot but was glad when it was over. We'll probably say the same thing about our mortal existance.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fences Go Up, Barriers Come Down 4/14/07

Joseph decided Dad needed a new project this week to help beautify the back yard. (Joseph loves it out there, Spending time almost everyday enjoying nature). He convinced us we needed to cover the old wood fence with vinyl lattice work. (a small portion had been done a few years ago). We got 'er done! Joseph supervised most of the work and was a really valuable assistant. It's amazing what an interested third party with common sense and good judgement can add to a DIY project.

Joseph's great friend Bryant Smith, Matt's brother (both our second son's) got married on Friday. His new wife Becky is wonderful and it was a great cause of celebration. Joseph enjoyed attending the reception with friends (we were there also). Bryant and Matt spent hundreds of hours with Joseph when he was recovering in the hospital. They been pretty constant since as well. We are grateful for terrific friends.

Joseph invested in a couple of new portable ramps this week. He found them on the internet. Made of aircraft grade aluminum the are lightweight and will carry a 700 lb load. One of his frustrations is not being able to visit anyone else in their homes. This will help that a great deal. Pretty cool huh!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter 4/8/07

What a beautiful weekend. It's wonderful to celebrate Easter and to have Spring here in it's glory. We enjoyed having the Grandkids here over the weekend. They love "Uncle Joe" and bring a sense of wonder to the whole family. Saturday they had an Easter Egg hunt in the back yard. What fun.

Joseph has invested in a couple of Bird feeders to hang in the back yard. He loves watching the birds and really enjoys being outside. He is enjoying Spring Break visiting with friends and enjoying the sunshine.

Elizabeth and Denny bought a used minivan this weekend, one of the used ones from Dad's work. It will hold the whole family (including the granddogs). With another child on the way -- it was time to move up to a MAV (Mormon Assault Vehicle).

The message of Easter is the sure promise of the ressurection. The promise is in all our hearts during this season of rebirth and renewal. Happy Easter.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Conference Celebration 4/1/07

What a great weekend for gathering. Early on Friday evening Tim went for a short while to his missionary reunion (Australia South Mission 69-71). Even after 35 years they are still friends and Brothers. It was great to see Mike Steoger and his wife. Mike was one of Tim's last companions and was recently released as Stake President in Hooper, Utah. It was also great to see our 'mission mum'.

It was wonderful to see all the former Missionaries of the England Bristol Mission at the reunion held at our home Friday night. We love to see the 'mission gradkids' as well. We have recieved many messages from across the world from our missionaries expressing a desire to be with their bothers and sisters from the missionfield, including from both Afghanistan and Iraq. We rejoice that our family is so blest with such great friends.

General Conference was awesome. Tim was able to attend in the Tabernacle as it was rededicated after the remodeling and refurbishment. It was an historic ocasion and a spiritual feast.

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