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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Out and About 3/25/07

This week Joseph has been out and about quite a bit. He took Mom, Elizabeth and the grandkids on a tour of downtown on Monday. They hadn't ever taken TRAX and Ethan and Cheyenne really wanted to go a on a train. At the stop for the Salt Lake City Library Joseph lead them on a tour, again none of them had been there before. The first photo is on the roof. Cheyenne didn't pick the daffodil for Uncle Joe, she found it lying on the ground. (Each spring we really miss the green hills of Wales covered with wild daffodils). They had a grand adventure.

Tuesday Joseph and Dad went to the Jazz game and throughly enjoyed the team's win over the Golden State Warriors. Joseph took Dad on a pre-game tour of the demolition of the Crossroads Mall. Tim can't see all the demolition from the East as he walks across to the foodcourt and was surprized at the progress being made. Joseph had shown Mom and the rest of the family the day before. We liked the irony of the sign on the Mall door: "Please use Main Street Doors".

Saturday the the Young Men and leaders of the Westlake 9th Ward began hooking up the new sprinkling system in the back yard. They have done such a great job. It is amazing to see how much Joseph enjoys it. He often leaves his back door open during the day and makes multiple trips out to enjoy the sunshine and the back garden (okay. . . 'yard' in US speak). The shrubs and trees they planted last fall are begining to bud and everything is looking like spring. The Young Women came a couple of weeks ago and planted pansies. We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and generousity that fills our lives with joy.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring begins this week --3/18/07

Spring is in the air! We're delighted with the good weather. Joseph has enjoyed leaving the back door open all day and breathing the fresh air. With the visits from missionaries and thought of our upcoming mission reunion (see on the Friday night before General Conference (as always). . . we have been thinking about the mission home in Sneyd Park, Bristol. Elder Ibrahimovic was sharing stories about Joseph and his tree. We had a beautiful pond in the front 'garden' ('yard' for you yankees) and a gigantic tree that must have been at least 80 feet tall. Joseph decided to climb the tree. This he did with the help of climbing gear and ropes. Then he decided to build a remarkable zip line from one tree to another across the pond. After building it, he could climb up the one tree, assisted with pulleys and ropes, then re-clip his harness to the zip line and sail at incredible speed across the pond and down to the ground. It was thrilling for him and terrifying for mom and dad. It certainly increased prayer in the Taggart household. The zip line remained throughout the time we were there and only came down as we departed to come home.
After the zip line came the finishing touch. Joseph saw on the floor of a second hand store in Bristol a gigantic 8'X12'American Flag. He rescued it for a pittance. By finding an old scaffolding pipe and webbing with rachets, he managed to create a flagpole from the top of the tree, to which he secured the huge flag. I was visible from several miles away. It was the topic in many neighborhood discussions we're sure. We thought you'd enjoy the photos of the creative climber and patriotic pennant-planter this week.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Good News From a Far Country" 3/11/07

"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." (Proverbs 25:25) Our good news this week was in the form of a visit from Jasmin Ibrahimovic and his beautiful wife Tomislava from Zagreb, Croatia. Jasmin arrived in the England Bristol Mission in 1998 as a convert to the LDS Church of one year, the only member in his family. He was an awesome missionary and served as an Assistant to the President before his mission ended, he was very close to both of us. He returned home to serve as a counselor in the District Presidency and CES Country Coordinator. He married Tomislava in 2003. After working for a computer and internet company for several years he now works for TAHITIAN NONIĀ® Juice International. He loves his job and the company. He is in the U. S. for a convention next week. It was so great to see him again and to meet his sweetheart. The last time we saw Jasmin was in Rome in 2001, he and Sister Jogna Prat took the train down to meet us and see the sights with Gloria while Tim worked doing Italian dubbing of Church films.
We also had a couple of other Former missionaries stop by to visit. In the photo, right to left: Tomislava and Jasmin Ibrahimovic, Kate Lyon (now living in Bend, OR), Angie (formerly Thorup) and Bruce LeBaron and their son Jonathan. Jasmin, Kate and Angie were great missionaries and are our great friends still. They all consider Joseph their "little brother". He loved to tease them in England and still does.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

March Forth! 3/4/07

Time moves forward at an ever quickening rate, it seems. We move forward with minor bumps along the way (The roof is leaking, the garage door spring broke, the brakes on Dad's car are shot. . . but our colds have improved and Joseph is healthy). Life is a great adventure and we love it. We are surrounded by family and friends who love us and serve us more than we deserve and Tim is engaged in employment that is vastly worthwhile and important. Life is good.

The photo is typical of Joseph at work studying. He copes well and loves learning. His headset with mic works well with his speech recognition software that allows him to write quickly and effectively on the computer. He and Dad like reading great books on audio CD, both like non-fiction (history etc.) as well as the occasional fiction work. Joseph is listening to a Great Courses lecture series on Shakespeare for fun as he goes to bed each night. It's great to see his intellectual growth and development. Like today's date indicates MARCH Fo[u]rth!

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