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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Making a Statement

Joseph Makes a Statement
Tonight on KUTV News at 10 Joseph makes a statement about health care reform. He was interviewed this afternoon by Brian Mullahy. It was an interesting interview. Joseph's perspective is a bit unique because of his experience. Here is what he posted on Facebook that got noticed:
So many of you are critical of the new health care package, but I for one am counting down the days until I can purchase health insurance despite my pre-existing condition. Since breaking my neck 4 years ago, I have had to turn down 5 offers for paying jobs because if I were hired, I would've lost my Medicaid benefits..., and been left uninsured. The new health care package will allow me to get off government paid health insurance for the first time since becoming disabled. I have attached the following article which is a pretty good outline of what is in the bill, the good and bad. Most of you with strong opinions don't actually know what's in the bill, so this is worth checking out: What's in the Health-Care Bill -
Here is the link to the KUTV story online: KUTV 2News JST Interview.

Spring Break
Joseph comment last week: "let's be honest -- spring break for law students should really be called "study at home week". That's what he's been doing all week . . now back to school tomorrow.

"Dyslexics of the Wor
ld Untie!"
that's making a statement. . . but not near as cool as the statement made by all of Gloria's first cousins who united with spouses for the annual Shaffer Cousin's Party in East Garland on Saturday. It's a great family.

Makes a Statement!
week when Ethan and his dad went to the Sports Expo there was a 60 foot climbing wall. 6 year old Ethan really wanted to climb it. Dad gave in and they stood in line forever waiting. It was after all that waiting and watching the older fail in embarrassment and the younger kids fail with tears that they found out it also cost $5. But after waiting so long Dad paid it and Ethan suited up. He climbed straight to the top of the 60' wall and sailed down smiling! what a statement. What a kid!

A Global Statement in Perfect Harmony
This video is amazing. All performed via webcam by vocalist who never met the conductor. Can the world come together? Maybe this gives hope.


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