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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scrapping, Shooting and Lifting

Weekend with the Girls
Friday and Saturday Gloria and Elizabeth met in Ogden with family and friends for a scrapbooking weekend. It was soooo fun. They created some wonderful pages and talked into the night. It's so fun to socialize and have something to show for it afterward.

Tim's Photo Practice
Besides getting things in order before leaving for Europe this week, Tim has been grabbing some photos of the Fall colors and the local temples. He's getting his trigger finger in shape before hopefully getting some photos in Europe that can be used by the Church. Here are a few odds and ends.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tie Tacks, Pumpkin Acts and Travel Facts

Tim's Tie Tack Travesty
Since his days in Australia 40 years ago (OH MY!) Tim has been picking up a tie pin here and a tie tack there. Cheap souvenirs of travel or special occasions etc. Since he has had to wear a white shirt and tie to work everyday of his adult life, his spice is his tie pins. He has one (okay, several) for every occasion (He has four for Columbus Day).

As a part of cleaning up and organizing his office he has finally tackled the pin collection. He mounted a couple for all to see on the office wall, then mounted 6 more on the back of the door and behind it (They disappear when the door is open). Then he built a new board for behind the door in the bedroom which also disappears with the door closed (a good conversation piece only if you want to have the conversation). On the bedroom board (above right) the Wales collection runs top to bottom along the left edge and next to it is the England collection. Also on the board is the LDS collection, the Chinese Olympics collection and a dozen others.

The two boards mounted on the office wall include two different 2002 Salt Lake Olympic pin collections. The top one(on left) is unique. No one else has a collection of every Olympic pin with the Salt Lake Temple on it . The bottom board (on right) is Tim's collection of security badges including FBI, Secret Service, and state and local law enforcement.

Saturday evening Tim spent a couple of hours creating tie tacks by gluing backs to pins. He hasn't caught up for several years. On the right you can see a variety ready for backs and some completed. . . from antique Chinese pins dating back to Chairman Mao's day to modern military pins from Latin America. As with many things Gloria is patient in putting up with Tim's Tie Tack problem.

Preparing for the Pumpkin Party
The Grandkids are having fun preparing for Halloween. They have been decorating with Pumpkins and trying out their costumes. Last week they went fishing and caught some nice ones. Gloria went up and spent a couple of days helping out this week. She enjoyed being apart of her brother Neil's stepdaughter's wedding on Saturday.

Eastern European Education
Tim is preparing for a trip beginning the end of October to Eastern Europe. He will be recording the language versions of 'The Restoration' for the L.D.S. Church in Slovakian, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and Albanian. This will be a fast paced trip with long hours in the recording studios in each city. It will be a real education since he hasn't visited Eastern Europe before. He is looking forward to connecting with former EBM missionaries in Croatia, Slovakia and elsewhere. Stay tuned.

Mormon Messages Mount in MP3 Media
Tim recorded another interview this week for the Into All the World program on the Mormon Channel with Ciro Schmeil, a Stake President from Brazil. There are several interviews up on the website now. More to come!

Download an Episode

If you wish to download the file to your computer, right-click on the Mp3-icon and select "save-link-as".

Episode 9: Randall Bennett (Samara, Russia) Download Episode 9
Episode 10: Oswaldo Pastore (São Paulo, Brazil) Download Episode 10
Episode 11: Kenneth L. and Mary Duvall (Bilbao, Spain ) Download Episode 11
Episode 12: Lee and Holly VanDam (Hong Kong, China) Download Episode 12
Episode 13: Reid and Diane Robison (West Indies ) Download Episode 13
Episode 14: Paul and Sara Peterson (Geneva, Switzerland) Download Episode 14
Episode 15: Emrol Gould (Trinidad and Tobago Stake) Download Episode 15

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post Conference Euphoria

The 179th Semiannual General Conference, October 2009 was wonderful (click on the previous link for all the English audio/ video/ and text, or here for any of the 98 languages). This conference, for the first time ever, the First Presidency decided to post the audio, video as well as the text of the Priesthood Session. Tim has been making an audio CD of the music of each conference for years. This conference for the first time you can download the music: Conference Music (you can make your own CD).

Conference Content
An interesting analysis of the content of conference is done by doing a "Wordle" Word Cloud from the text. The image on the left is an example (it and others can be found here: Conference Wordle). Another very cool site has a topic analysis (Oct-2009 Conference Statistics) showing the most mentioned topics and comparing over the last 10 and 30 years how they have changed.

Here is a list of the top topics of this conference:
1. 560 references to Christ
2. 421 references to Families/Children
3. 323 references to Women/Mothers
4. 289 references to Love
5. 189 references to Men/Fathers
6. 116 references to Prophets Names
7. 105 references to Prayer
8. 100 references to Faith
9. 96 references to Priesthood
10. 88 references to Adversity/Challenges
11. 80 references to Revelation
12. 76 references to Missionaries
13. 68 references to Youth
14. 66 references to Service
15. 66 references to Scriptures
16. 62 references to Temples

Elder Holland's Testimony
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon Sunday afternoon "Safety for the Soul" was sensational. One of our friends said "When Satan goes to sleep I think he checks under his bed for Jeffrey R. Holland". Here is the link to the Holland text, the Holland Audio and the Holland video on the Church web site. Like all the conference talks it is worth watching/listening to or reading again and again.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Reunions, Conference and Fall is Falling

Conference Preparations
Conference is always a busy time at the Church Office Building for Tim. All the Area Presidencies come in for conference and their staff in AV meet with them to plan and coordinate efforts. Chris Wills is the full-time AV manager in Europe and Africa,. His wife Jeannie is a Church-service AV missionary. It is always great to have them here. We enjoyed having Elizabeth and the kids here for the conference weekend, since Denny had to work.

England Bristol Mission Reunion
The Friday evening before every General Conference the Taggart Family host their former missionaries. What a wonderful, dynamic, and beautiful group gathered this year. We had missionaries and their families come from as far away as Norway (Are Svensen) and from Boise, Idaho; Phoenix, Arizona and all around Utah. Here is a link to other photos on Facebook: EBM (Taggart) Reunion.

General Conference
General Conference was amazing. President Monson annouced 5 new temples (see video) All of the General Conference is online and available in MP3 (and other audio formats) including PRIESTHOOD SESSION for the first time. Just click on October '09 Conf Audio . The music of every session is available here: Music. You could have watched the streaming video in high definition as well as the local, cable and dish broadcasts in HD. It was a wonderful experience. The Taggarts have all committed to do better!

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