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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Joseph's mini-vacation and "Remembering Who They Were and Learning Who We Are" Part II 7-30-06

Last Week Joseph escaped to Las Vegas for a few days. Elizabeth, his respiratory therapist from LDS Hospital Rehab managed to arrange a time share condo for Joseph, Matt and Marci Smith and her friend, Melissa Harmon, for a few days. . . so off they went on an adventure. It was hot but Joseph was comfortable. It was great to take a road trip and to have a break from the routine. Joseph has never been a great fan of 'the strip' but enjoyed looking around and lounging about the poolside etc. It was great to go and great to get back. On Saturday He went to the Salt Lake Real soccor game with friends (He's taking Dad to the Real Madrid game in a couple of weeks).

Things have been progressing very well with physical therapy and slow progress continues on the right arm. We are all so grateful for the continual blessings and answers to all your prayers in our behalf.

Remembering Who They Were and Learning Who We Are. Part II

A couple of weeks ago Dad went to St. George to speak at his Uncle John Lambert's funeral. John and C.J. are the last remaining children of Alma and Molly Lambert, Tim's mother's parents (thus his name Timothy Lambert Taggart, carrying the mom's maiden name is a family tradition). The cute photo of the kids on the pony named 'Bird' is Tim's mother Mary and her big brother Cannon and little brother John about 1921. My how the generations flow.

John was one of the "Greatest Generation" who were willing to give everything to protect our freedoms and provide freedom to the people of the world in WWII. He served in North Africa and Italy. He and his lovely wife Lois and their children carry on the faith and family values of the past generations. It was an honor to be at his 'graduation ceremony' from mortality.

In his funeral talk Dad talked about John (and Joseph's) ancestor Charles Lambert. As we remember the pioneers this week it may be of interest to just mention a couple of experiences and traits of this family founder. Charles was a stone artisan and mason who joined the Church in Yorkshire, England and left family and friends to come to Zion. When he arrived in Nauvoo he immediately went to work on the Temple. He relates an experience when the Prophet Joseph came to the temple site: "I think it was on or about the 6th of May, 1844, the Prophet Joseph came up to the Temple and clasping his arms around me, lifted me off my feet, then said, 'The Lord bless thee, and I bless thee, and I bless thee in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ'. It went through my whole system like fire."

Charles carved the first Sunstone, following the Prophet Joseph's exact instructions, then carved eleven others in addition to other work on the temple. When Satan appeared in the form of a wealthy client who offered gold coin for Charles to leave his work on the temple, His reply was, "I told him it was the work of the Lord I was engaged in and live or die I was for the Lord"

His experiences coming across the plains included being fed by the quail as they were starving in Iowa; a cow running him through a creek and soaking his trousers, when drying them they discovered coins to the exact amount needed for wagon iron miraculously sewn in the waistband where none had been before; discovering a new pair of shoes in direct answer to his morning prayers, just his size, as if newly delivered from a shoe shop in England. In his old age having no use of his right arm for many years, He went after an apostate who was verbally attacking the Prophet Joseph, as he lifted his arm to shut him up, the full use of his arm and side were restored and were useful to the end of his life.

From examples of faith, perserverence and trusting in the Lord come a heritage of nobility in common people who did their duty, and loved the Lord. They lift our vision and motivate us to "Carry On"

To read the autobiography of Charles Lambert see

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Remembering Who They Were and Learning Who We Are: Part 1 7/23/06

This has been a summer of remembering family. With funerals, family reunions and the celebration tomorrow, July 24th (Pioneer Day in Utah, the anniversary of the Saints first entry into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847), our thoughts are extended to our pioneer ancestors. We thought we might talk about family roots the next couple of days, in different blog enteries. FIRST THE UPDATE ON THE KID AND THE HOUSE:

Joseph's physical progress is very slow but it continues steadily forward. As his right arm begins to awaken it is getting more attention with physical therapy, electrical stimulation etc. It is all positive. . . and painful, but he "enjoys all he can stand". He continues to extend his skills and interests as he makes plans for the future. His adventures continue even as we write.

Mark Maxfield finished the ramp construction on Friday, it looks and works great. Joseph is so pleased, especially with the opportunity to easily go outside and just chill in the back yard shade from time to time. The ramp surface is made out of Trex, a recycled plastic product that will never need maintenance, that makes Dad happy too.

On Friday the crew delivered Joseph's new hospital bed. While similar to the loaner, it has better sideboards and a mattress that will help alleviate bed sores.

Gathering of the Clan part 1: THE SHAFFER REUNION
Summer, for our family, has always meant getting together with the extended family. Yesterday was the Dick and Dora Shaffer Family Reunion in Logan. This is Gloria's Dad's family. It's always so good to renew family ties and personal friendships. Tim's project has been to collect, scan and distribute the visual history of the original family. He delivered the second CD yesterday. As we discover who they were we begin to discover who we are. More tomorrow on Joseph's pioneer ancestors.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Video Download Available -- 7/13/06

Our cousin Cort Schaefer has posted for us, the video on Joseph done by our nephew Troy Pugmire: "Joseph Taggart Video" as well as the terrific news story carried on KUTV Channel 2 the night of the auction/benefit dinner: "Channel 2 News Broadcast". They are located at:
The videos are available in several sizes to accomodate your download speed.
The file, "MVI_0686.avi " is the original video shot by Joseph's friend Scott on his digital camera as they were taking Joseph away from the beach on a lawn chair, in the back of a pick up, on a swamp boat. Portions of this and another one shot by Scott at the same time are included in the "Joseph Taggart Video".
The other items listed for download are Word documents from Tim, referred to in previous blog entries. To save any of these files to your computer, right mouse click on the title of the video or document and select "Save Target as" and indicate where on your computer you want it saved. When you click Okay it will download onto your computer (the same thing works for blog photos).
Joseph is doing great! and so is the rest of the family.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Pursuit of Happiness 7-10-06

The Holiday week has been one of industry and accomplishment. Tim has taken some time off work and has been cleaning, painting and building. Things around the house are getting closer to being finished. The garage got it's final coat of paint and some new shelving. The downstairs bathroom (whose window was covered over by the construction of Joseph's bedroom) has been getting the inside wall back in place and ready for plastering etc.
Joseph has been doing well although fighting some bugs. He's had some fun going to the double feature at the drive-in movies (yeah, they still have one in Salt Lake) with friends. They jump in his van and trundle off with lawn chairs and goodies.
Dad's always had a great interest in the Founding Fathers, This year he has experienced books including biographies of Washington, Adams, Franklin, and Hamilton, and 1776 by McCullough and Band of Brothers by Ellis. What is clear is that while they believed man had an 'inalienable right' to the 'pursuit of happiness' -- they found that happiness themselves by sacrifice, hard work, and service to a cause greater than themselves. In fact, it is clear that happiness comes as a by-product of that service, and not by pursuing happiness at all. Happiness seems to come most often by ignoring it. Recognizing the small blessings of each day; being amazed and delighted with the consistancy of friendships that never go stale, but sweeten as they ripen; enjoying the repartee and sociality of those we love; these are the simple things that bring joy. How grateful we are to have each other -- and you!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Grateful for Freedom and Independance -- 4/7/06

Freedom and independance came to the American Nation through hard work, sacrifice and commitment. Similar principles are still operative. We are grateful to live in such a nation and for the freedom and independance enjoyed for Joseph because of modern technology and his hard work and commitment. Amidst the excitement of "the rockets red glare" (note the photos of the Taylorsville Dayzz fireworks from our window) it was a week of accomplishments. Joseph got to try out his new motorized wheelchair (note the drag racing in the street with friend Matt). The chair needs to have the seating module redone a bit and a few other items. . . so back to the demo unit for a while.
Joseph also received his "standing frame" and shower chair. The standing frame allows weight to be put on the legs so the bone density will not be compromised. The plumbing on the sink in Joseph's room was also completed. Everything is now functional -- furthur steps to freedom and independance.

Outside the house is fully clad with siding and Mark the magician is working on building the ramp from Joseph's exterior door. It will be great and will increase freedom and safety. This holiday week for Dad will be mostly working on the list of things still needing to be done (this list runs three pages) . . . so much for freedom and. . .

We again express gratitude for the sacrifice of others for our behalf., From the Founding Fathers to those of our friends and family today. Our lives are richly blessed because of their efforts and sacrifices. We have our freedom in interdependance in our global village of which we enjoy citizenship.

Speaking, Linking and Sinking with 'Good Cheer' -- 6/25/06

[Reposted with Photos]
The Savior said: "In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." (John 16:33) That was Joseph's theme as he spoke in the Hunter East Stake Youth Conference held in Price, Utah on Friday. The Stake President and several others in the stake are family friends and co-workers, thus the invitation. The youth were spectacular, it was a terrific group gathered in the LDS Institute building on the campus of the College of Eastern Utah. Joseph did a wonderful job, touching, funny and interesting. He kept their attention and touched their hearts. They had an impact on him as well. It was also great to take the first road trip since the new year! Joseph and his Dad throughly enjoyed the trip as well as the spiritual feast with the youth.

This week the Taggart family had some wonderful friends drop by. On Monday, Mark and Lynn Lewis along with Bruce and Yvonne Aldridge came for dinner and and 'family home evening'. Mark was the Bristol England Stake President when Tim and Gloria entered the missionfield in 1997, and the Aldridges were in the same Bristol ward. Mark has been called to serve as mission president in the Philippines Laoag Mission and he and his wife entered the MTC in Provo for the Mission President Seminar this weekend. It was a wonderful evening of mission memories, shared cousel and renewing friedships. The Aldridges drove down from Alberta Canada to spend time with the Lewises before they leave for three years.
On Thursday the Portaluri family from Trieste Italy brought a letter and gift from one of our former EBM Missionaries Christina Mallardi (formerly Jonga-Prat) and her husband Matteo. We felt a kinship with these dear people who brought hugs for Joseph from across the Atlantic. We thank the Lord for the opportunity of receiving blessings in such abundance from people we love as well as those who hardly know us, but sacrifice in our behalf nevertheless.

Thursday afternoon they delivered Joseph's new motorized wheelchair. It's powerful and colorful. Joseph is working out details with them on the seating system and other issues. It will go 7 1/2 MPH on the road (Blows his hair back). We were also able to get the sink hung on the wall along with a new mirror for Joseph's room. Next week they'll finish installing the sink plumbing and the interior with be finished.

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