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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Reunions, Conference and Fall is Falling

Conference Preparations
Conference is always a busy time at the Church Office Building for Tim. All the Area Presidencies come in for conference and their staff in AV meet with them to plan and coordinate efforts. Chris Wills is the full-time AV manager in Europe and Africa,. His wife Jeannie is a Church-service AV missionary. It is always great to have them here. We enjoyed having Elizabeth and the kids here for the conference weekend, since Denny had to work.

England Bristol Mission Reunion
The Friday evening before every General Conference the Taggart Family host their former missionaries. What a wonderful, dynamic, and beautiful group gathered this year. We had missionaries and their families come from as far away as Norway (Are Svensen) and from Boise, Idaho; Phoenix, Arizona and all around Utah. Here is a link to other photos on Facebook: EBM (Taggart) Reunion.

General Conference
General Conference was amazing. President Monson annouced 5 new temples (see video) All of the General Conference is online and available in MP3 (and other audio formats) including PRIESTHOOD SESSION for the first time. Just click on October '09 Conf Audio . The music of every session is available here: Music. You could have watched the streaming video in high definition as well as the local, cable and dish broadcasts in HD. It was a wonderful experience. The Taggarts have all committed to do better!


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