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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Celebration Pt. 1

Three Thousand Miles!
On Friday Joseph's odometer on his whee
lchair hit 3,000 miles -- that's farther than the distance from Salt Lake to Hawaii, 1 1/2 times the distance from here to New York, and the equivalent of walking from our house to Las Vegas and back 4 1/2 times! Not a bad pace. . . 'Life in the fast lane' even!

Missionary Moments
This week was filled with wonderful moments with the former missionaries of the England Bristol Mission.

Joaquin Torner called from Spain to tell us he and his wife Irene are expecting a baby boy. Joaquin was one of our EBM assistants. He is now serving as Bishop in Sabadell, outside Barcelona. What a joy.

On Friday we spent the evening with Antti Syvänen from Sweden with his wife Linda and their 3 beautiful children. They are on holiday visiting Church History sites across the US. His old EBM companion Jon Brenay drove up from Arizona with his beautiful wife and 2 children to meet them. They came over to visit along with their EBM comp Eric J. Price. We had a great evening together.

Saturday we got a call from Jasmin Ibrahimovic one of our great missionaries and assistants from Zagreb, Croatia. He was in town for a Tahitian Noni Juice conference (he manages the business in Croatia) and wanted to say hi. He had planned on getting together sooner but HIS APPENDIX BURST and he had to have surgery on Wednesday in Provo. His faith (as well as Noni) sped his recovery. What joy to spend a few hours together again.

Taylorsville Dayzz
The City of Taylorsville (named after John Taylor, the original settler) held it's annual Taylorsville Dayzz festivities this weekend. Saturday evening Elizabeth and the kids arrived and we all went down the street to the celebration. With rides for the kids, a free concert and fireworks afterwards it was great fun.


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