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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Season for Friends -- Day for Dads

Service Project for Dad Shaffer
In Logan this week neighbors and family joined together to lay sod at Gloria's father's home. He had dug it up and prepared the ground to be planted so he could eliminate problem vegetation growing in the lawn. Instead, everyone gathered together to put down sod. With 30 or more there, they made short work of it. The new lawn is gorgeous. Happy Father's Day.

Elizabeth's Basement Project
After a few days of people buzzing around hanging wallboard and taping, Elizabeth took on the finish work project this week in the basement. While Denny was out of town at a training conference she painted, laid tile then stained the walls. They installed new carpet Friday and Saturday. It looks awesome! There is still lots to do over time but it will be such a blessing to have the basement usable.

Marci Smith's Wedding
Marci Smith and her brother Matt have been Joseph's best friends since childhood. It was a real pleasure to attend Marci's wedding on Friday. The weather was perfect and she looked stunning. Our whole family loves her and are so delighted with her happiness.

Lyle and Tracy Shamo Mission Farewell
Tim and Gloria had the great pleasure of attending the sacrament meeting for Lyle and Tracy Shamo as they leave, called as mission president of the England London South Mission. Tim has worked next to Lyle for over 25 years in Church Education and in AV. They are serving over the south half of the old England Bristol Mission, Tim Gloria and Joseph's area. Lyle served his first mission there in the 60's. They will be so wonderful in their assignment. We share so many feelings as the leave, taking their daughter Megan with them at about the same age Joseph was when our family left for the UK in 1997. We wish them the best (and their missionaries have the best!)

Father's Day
We all went to Cache Valley this afternoon to celebrate Father's Day together at Elizabeth and Denny's home in Nibley. The weather was perfect and the day was a delight. It is wonderful to have family and to be together!


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