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Sunday, April 20, 2008

11 Days to China

11 Days to China
With less than two weeks to go preparations are piling up. We have been so blessed with people helping out in so many ways. To those who have donated money we cannot express enough gratitude. Everyone has pitched in to help out in some way.

Jim Ely, our man on the ground in Qingdao, has been location scouting for us. He visited the Hospital and Tim's Hotel. We've included some photos he sent (Hospital top left, Hotel right, below left is the building housing 3 hotels, including Tim's). It has been very helpful knowing how much things will cost and having him scope things out ('sussing it out' as we'd say in the UK). He has provided valuable advise as well. His friends are now our friends and we haven't even met yet. Joseph has been corresponding via email with one of Jim's students, Andy (Chinese name, An Bin, 安彬) from Qingdao University who is going to help out when we first arrive while Jim and his wife are on a trip to Inner Mongolia the first part of May. We are excited.
Tim is also finalizing plans to do Church production trips doing Legacy dubbing in Mongolia and Cambodia, and doing preparation for recording the scriptures in Hong Kong and Taiwan while he is in Asia. He will spend a total of 19 days with Joseph in Qingdao during the 7 weeks Joseph is there. We are grateful for Matt Smith who will be with him the whole time.

Basement Reconstruction Continues
Tim got the wiring finished this week (with the expert advise of Nate Johson from the ward). He installed can lights in the basement ceiling. Our Bishop, Scott Kasteller did the work roughing in the walls etc. Our friend Cisco Soto's and his team are doing the dry wall etc. They got all the dry wall up on Saturday and Tim prepped the walls (covering the old wallpaper and wood panelling adhesive) with KILZ so they can be textured (note photo with former window and door opening and wallpaper nicely covered with enamel paint). It was a late night Saturday, good thing we have the Sabbath as a day of rest.

From the Fortune Cookie This Week (really!):


Anonymous Celular said...

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Apr 21, 2008, 6:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Jay said...

You won't believe you have a distant cousin from Provo (Roberts, Gagon, Goodrich, Taggart) just settling in Qingdao, and I insist on helping you in this beautiful city.
I may need to visit Hong Kong this evening -it is now 1am on the 28th here- for a few days to do visa business and get to the temple and Distribution Center. Visa rules have changed since I got a pollution-induced sinus infection on my grand tour.
Now I plan to settle in QD and, of course, teach english.

Today I just went to my first inter-faith church service near Wusi Square (your photo of it and the red sculpture is of a model without the city and hills behind it.

Naturally my Net just went down; I'll try a long email and some photos of introduction.
Perhaps you heard me speak at a Taggart reunion; I last used Taggart tales when I taught a class at BYU in 2006 and used Mexican War pension files of GWT in my Powerpoint.

Do travel safely, and I'll see you this week!
God speed=

Apr 27, 2008, 11:23:00 AM  

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