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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Springing Forward !

Countdown to China
With only 18 days before we leave for China we are doing everything we can to get ready. There is much excitement and some stress as we make lists and check items off. Joseph is trying hard to concentrate on finishing his classes and Tim & Gloria on getting things organized (but it's a challenge). May 1st here we come!

Deal or No Deal?
The Sun is shining and spirits are high. It was a beautiful weekend, a great time for Joseph to help watch his neice and nephew. . . Elizabeth decided she should do her part for her little brother by trying to get on Deal or No Deal and win $1 million dollars. They were having casting tryouts here in Salt Lake Saturday morning. (see Thousands show up for ‘Deal or No Deal' auditions ) She prepared herself and arrived at the site before midnight on Friday and spent the night freezing to death. She didn't get picked to go on the show and win the million, but her sacrifice for Joseph was real enough and worth more than money (and remember, you get blessings and a half for overtime).

Global AV Gang
Friday night the Language Production Section of the Church Audiovisual Department had dinner together at our home. We originally planned it for Christmas time . . . schedules got crazy and we decided to wait until Chis and Jeannie Wills came over from England during General Conference. It was a wonderful time, especially the barbecued ribs & chicken and the 'pulled pork' prepared by our resident barbeque wizard Quinn Orr. Tim declared the ribs the world's best (and he's tried a lot of them).

Basement Building Continues
The work continues on the basement. It started with the previously mentioned flood-- but now it is ever-so-much "While-we-are-at-it" time at the Taggarts. The first photo shows a door being moved and the others show the closet having been removed from the guest bedroom to make it a bit larger and added to the room behind. Lots more work ahead-- while we are at it.


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