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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

March Already

Mothering Sunday
Today is Mothering Sunday in the U.K. (the British version of Mother's Day). There aren't enough Sunday's to honor our Moms. . . let's celebrate both! Gloria is still the greatest Mom of all time and proves it each day (She's an awesome grandmother too).

Dad in Atlanta
Last week kind of slipped by without a blog entry, opps. Tim left for a trip to Atlanta, Georgia on Monday and returned Wednesday. He and his co-oworkers were reviewing the Church's new satellite receiver from Wegener Communications. The new version of their receiver can handle multilanguage subtitles (, this will be critical as the Church works to meet the needs of members throughout the world. General Conference is in over 90 languages now and the number will grow. Tim has been pushing satellite subtitles so that in addition to meeting the needs of the hearing impaired, each audience can see the scripture text or other written text/graphics in their own language. This will now be possible as we develop the subtitling system using this new satellite receiver. The Atlanta Temple was beautiful as well.

Joseph and the Student Life
Joseph is recovering well from his operation, he is back in class with tests, papers and homework his daily tasks. He has set the curve for the tests in his classes this last week with A's all around. His recent papers include: "Combatting Terrorism" for his Law and Politics class (he discussed issues with civil liberties, Government evesdropping, wiretaps and the Patriot Act etc.) and "Proliferation of Free Trade Post 1980" for his Foundation of Politics in International Economic Relations class. He enjoys engaging the class in discussion and loves the thought provoking issues of the day.

China Here We Come
The Chinese visas for Joseph, Tim, and Matt Smith arrived this week. They each have a multiple entry visa good for one year. We are only two months and $50,000 away from Shenyang and Joseph's stem cell transplants.

New Utah Temple
On Saturday our family attended a Baptism of our cousin Cort & Estrella Schaefer's son Ethan. Gloria got to give a talk about the Gift of the Holy Ghost (It was great). Afterwards Joseph suggested we drive by the new Oquirrh Mountain Utah LDS (Mormon) Temple in the Daybreak development in South Jordan (The only city in the World with two temples). It is really moving along as you can see from the photo above. The artists rendition of the completed temple is on the left.


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