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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Disasters, Celebrations and Easter Together

What a week. The new vinyl lettering (photo on left) Elizabeth and Gloria put up in our kitchen is so appropriate.

Happy Easter
The good news? Spring officially arrived Wednesday. The Moon was full on Thursday so today is Easter (Always the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the first day of Spring. Since the earliest day Easter could possibly be is only one day earlier than it is this year (March 22nd) but that is pretty rare.
This year Easter is the earliest any of us will ever see in the rest of our lives, and only those 95 years or older have ever seen it this early (1913). None of us have ever or will ever see Easter a day earlier. The next time Easter will be this early (March 23) will be in the year 2228 (220 years from now). The next time it will be a day earlier (March 22) will be in the year 2285 (277 years from now). The last time it was on March 22 was in 1818. So, no one alive today has or will ever see it any earlier than this year.
Enjoy the Easter Message put together by the Church AV Department by clicking on this link:
Thanksgiving Point
Our family had a great Easter together. On Saturday we all went together to Thanksgiving Point. We missed the Easter Egg Hunt but visited the farm animals and the Dinosaur Museum. Ethan and Cheyenne loved it. It was also Joseph's first time. The children had a blast showing him everything. Sunday Dad did a triple header: speaking in Sacrament meeting, then teaching his Marriage and Family Relations class in Sunday School and finally teaching the Teachings for our Times lesson in priesthood for the combined HP and Elders. Afterwards at home we had a great inside Easter Egg hunt and family dinner.
Happy Birthday Cheyenne
Elizabeth and Denny's daughter Cheyenne celebrated her third birthday on Friday evening. What fun. Joseph's gifts were the hit (both for birthday and Easter). He's an awesome uncle.

Flooded Basement
This weeks adventure filled activity was the flooded basement on Tuesday. The sewer drain got plugged and water backed up through the basement drain into the house. We were blessed that Gloria noticed it early, and glad that Lisa (see last weeks blog) was still here to help (she left Wednesday). What a mess. The insurance company called the disaster clean up people who proceeded to tear out the carpets and lowest 12 inches of the walls and brought in fans to dry things out. Our garage is filled with belongings. We again were blessed that not much was destroyed. We will be under construction again for the next few weeks. (sigh).

Sled Hockey
Joseph and friends attended the 3rd Annual Great Salt Cup Sled Hockey Tournament on Saturday evening in Park City. Sponsored by the National Ability Center, this is a real action sport. The paraplegic and amputee particpants are gutsy athletes who really know how to mix it up (note the photos shot on Joseph's phone). He even won the drawing for a tee shirt with all the teams signatures (see photo on right).


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