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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wanted in Two States

Wanted in Utah and Colorado
Joseph received his acceptance letter from the University of Colorado Law School this week. There will be replies from several others in the next month. Sometimes it's nice to be wanted. He will wait until he hears from most of them before committing.

Wanted: Walking and Scooting
This week Tim spent the whole week without the walking boot for his broken leg. He loves to be wearing matching footwear again. . . but he misses the excuse to zip around on his cool scooter (it went back to IHC this week).

Wanted: Christmas. . . and Christmas to be Over
We love Christmas. . . really. It's just that this year with the broken leg and other ailments we haven't been able to get Christmas over with. This week the Valentines Day Tree came down (at least that is what we have called it the last month). Now if we can just get the rest of the Christmas Cards and gifts out --we'll be satisfied.


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