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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It Really Was the Best Christmas Ever

Christmas DayWhat a delight to have everyone together at the Taggart home to celebrate the Birth of the Savior together as a family. There is no coincidence that we think of Elizabeth, mother of the forerunner of the Lord, and Joseph, Jesus' adoptive Father from the lineage of the Kings of Judah-- as well as Gloria in Excelsis as we gather to remember the Christmas Story. We wonder if we (and you) may have been a part of that collection of Heavenly Host who sang together in the Shepherd fields.

We had a wonderful Holiday together. It was especially fun to watch Ethan, Cheyenne and little Gavin enjoy the wonder of it all. Christmas isn't about the gifts. . . but they are fun for the kids (and the grownups too actually).

One of the highlights for Joseph was the new Kindle reader. His bigggest hassle with reading a book is turning pages. We have to spiral bind each of his text books, but it is still difficult. Because of that he hasn't done much recreational reading. Now he can turn the pages at the touch of a button. He finished Twilight (novel) in just a couple of days after Christmas. Maybe if he can get his law shool text books in this digital format it won't be such a challenge.

Happy Birthday Joseph
We celebrated Joseph's birthday on the 30th. Besides the dozens of cards, emails, messages on FaceBook and phone calls (including from Brazil), we really enjoyed the visit from Joseph's cousins Troy Pugmire and Heidi Jensen and their families. Their parents Toni (Tim's sister) and Jaren Pugmire stopped by the day before for a couple of hours. In the photo are Jordan and Heidi Jensen (their little girl is in the middle below) and Troy and Brooke Pugmire (their's are the boys). You can't pick your relatives. . . that's why it's so great when they are so fun you'd pick them as friends anyway.

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