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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year
It's 2009. Joseph, Gloria and Tim celebrated the New Year with a barn dance and feast at home (okay would you believe a snack and sitting with feet up?) Our friends Pam and Tyler brought over the pictured balloon, it was the festive moment here. But we are excited for the prospects of a new year.

Let It Snow
The snow just keeps coming. It is truly beautiful from the inside out. We need the moisture here in The Great American Desert of Utah so we are grateful for it.

Tim's Leg
It's mending. . . He's been off work since the accident trying to use his annual leave befoe he loses it. So far his rehab by sitting around is progressing. Gloria and Elizabeth changed the dressing today (providing the photo op). The grandkids think it is amazing.

Three Years Ago Today
Today is the third anniversary of Joseph's accidentin Guatemala (he is mistaken on the date in the video). It has been a fascinating journey for us all over the course of those three years. The result is a great deal of gratitude and love for all those who have helped, directly and through prayers and faith. There is also a feeling that life is to be lived and enjoyed through every obstacle. Our opportunities to grow come from the challenges. We thought you might be interested in the video Joseph's friend shot as they were trying to get Joseph to a hospital (on a lawnchair in the back of a pickup truck on a barge). Notice his amazing positive attitude. It is amazing still.

Joseph Today
"Life goes on" it is true, but "Come what may and love it" is closer to the message. Joseph is loving his experience as an intern with the Disability Law Center. He is especially interested in interacting with the state representatives and senators. He finds fascinating the difference in attitude among them toward those with disabilities. It has been helpful in many instances for Joseph to be able to share personal experiences. He is an example of a person with disabilities who has the potential of becoming a long-term productive tax paying citizen . . . because of state programs which are helping. The idea of cutting funding to those type of programs is a problem of selling off tomorrows for a bargain today.

'Tomorrow' is a challenge for all of us, but as our family looks forward to 2009 we do so in faith and confidence, knowing that we can trust in the Lord, that we can work our hardest, and that we have family and friends throughout the world that share our hopes, dreams and aspirations.


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