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Monday, November 24, 2008

Spanish Training and Cougar Blue (Black and)

Spanish Training in AV
Tim had a busy and successfful week in the AV Department. The Language Production team, especially Omar Canals and David Morris had a training seminar at the Conference Center on Language Translation and Production for all Spanish language translators, language coaches and language producers. It was great training and a very positive experience. Translation for dubbing is some of the most challenging and creative there is! The training, when put into practice, will save thousands of dollars in production costs over the next few years. We had Juanita Gomez our producer as well as Translation's language coach here from Colombia (Photo above right), along with Euro-Spanish translators from Spain (photo above left). The final photo is of Omar, Juanita, David and Tim.

Cougar Black and Blue
The University of Utah was victorious in perhaps the biggest of all the historical rivalry games between the two. BYU's 6 turnovers cost them the game. Joseph was mourning for BYU and celebrating for the U as well. The loss will bring BYU over $1/2 million from the BCS, little comfort . . . (well, not SO little). Joseph and Tim watched the game in the COB 22nd floor conference room. They were unexpectedly joined by Julie Merrill (AV's HR director) and her friends, and delighted when they shared their popcorn.


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