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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Memorable Week before Memorial Day 5/27/07

This has been a challenging week for Joseph. Last week he felt crummy all week, fighting an infection. On Monday Gloria took him to the Emergency Room at LDS Hospital. He had an infection in his foot that had gone to the bone and threatened to go systemic. He had surgery on Wednesday and came home on Friday. He had a lot of visitors. . . most of the Hospital Staff are old buddies. He has such a remarkable attitude, he is somewhat of a legend. They treated him well but he still was glad to come home. He'll be on intravenous antibiotics for several weeks, but things are looking good. He's anxious to get back to class at the 'U'. Missing a week of classes in the shorted Summer Semester is not his idea of a good thing.

Tommorow is a holiday in the U.S., Memorial Day. We are trully grateful for those throughout the world who give of their time, talents and even their lives in defense of freedom.

The Jazz won game three of the NBA Western Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. Dad and Joseph were grateful to be back home watching instead of watching on the little TV in the Hospital like we did for game two. Tomorrow is Game 4 in Salt Lake. GO JAZZ!


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