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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day and Jazz Victory - 5/13/07

All is well here, we had a great Mother's Day. Gloria is the Greatest Mom ever, as we all know(except except her of course). It's so fun watching her do the Grandma thing, she is such a natural. It's amazing to see all the lives that have been touched because of her mothering skills.

Okay this may be boring for those of you across the pond who don't get to watch NBA basket ball. . . okay for anyone outside Utah because NO ONE gets to watch the Jazz but us. They get little attention from anyone because of the tiny size of the Utah media market. All the sweeter when thy do well. Suddenly Golden State has gone from everyones favorite to win to "the underdogs". Joseph and his Dad have enjoyed time together all season when possible watching them play. They have shown great character. The last game in Utah was an amazing storyline. Sorry for going on. Read about the Jazz game at:

School starts tomorrow for Joseph and he is excited to get back after it.


Blogger Lindsey said...

May I add my Happy Mother's Day to the greatest mission mom ever. Hope you had a great day!! Love ya!

May 14, 2007, 1:11:00 PM  
Blogger Kylie said...

It has been so fun to see your family updates- especailly on Joseph! He is such a strong and amazing example!!

Elder David and Kylie Glover

May 22, 2007, 12:10:00 PM  

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