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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Orden e Progresso" 6/11/06

The Brazilian flag sports the phrase "Ordem e Progresso" (Order and Progress). That wouldn't be a bad theme for the week if only we had more order. (With the World Cup in Progress it just seemed appropriate).
On Friday we were filled with anticipation at picking up the van from Logan, but alas, final work remains and it looks like it will be Tuesday. As you can see from the photos it is looking SWEET. However, the cries from the bedroom sound a lot like "Let my people GO" :)
Joseph is ripping along on the voice recognition software. He is also making substantial progress physically. The latest is the "flicker" in his right bicep! (see biceps brachii). The progress is in small steps (and orderly) with a lot of consistant and constant effort on his part and on the part of those continually helping him.
We had the plumbers in on Friday afternoon and they installed the spiffy new toilet (believe us, it is amazing) and started to figure out how to anchor the new sink on the wall. They will be back tomorrow to try to tackle that one.

On Friday the great people from Hallmark Cabinets ( delivered the cabinets for the family room. One of the exec's, with his son, sacrificed their Saturday morning to install them. These cabinets will allow Joseph access to DVDs etc as well as provide accessable storage. They are incredible workmanship (much better than we deserve). Note the 9" raised area on the bottom so Joseph's feet in the wheelchair can fit underneath. We have been so blessed, and the blessings just keep coming.

We were unable to post two photos last entry and have included them here. The one of Joseph using his speech regcognition software at the first of this article and this one of the POD being hauled away.


Blogger Chrissie said...

Ahem!! I hope we're supporting ENGLAND in the World Cup (Brazil?? Brazil?? What's THAT all about?!! You (all THREE of you) lived in ENGLAND for THREE YEARS and only ONE of you has lived in Brazil for TWO YEARS. Hence and therefore...etc. etc.

Brazil!! Chuh!

IN-GER-LUUUUUUUUUND We're glued to the TV in our house at the mo, esp. when England are playing! Celyn is walking around church in 'Cross of St. George' England tops etc. (just to annoy the Welsh a bit).

Football fever is upon us!

Jun 12, 2006, 4:54:00 AM  
Blogger Gym Rat said...

LOL @ Chrissie's note! Seems you forgot where your loyalties are! hee hee....

Great progress being made. What a lot of neat blessings you have!

Jun 12, 2006, 5:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey! awesome software kiddo! You're on your way! I sure hope you're watching the World Cup, just wouldn't be Joe without it.


Jun 12, 2006, 8:57:00 PM  
Blogger Luciana said...

Yeah !!! Brasil !!
Hi Joseph,
Como está ? Espero que bem.. vc está com uma aparência ótima!
Vc tem um e-mail para o qual podemos escrever ??
Responda para

Um abraço a vc, e sua mãe...

Jun 18, 2006, 8:32:00 AM  

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