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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bristolians and Declarations

Bristol Friends
Joseph has two of his friends from his days in Bristol England here this weekend. Sophie DeSilva arrived near midnight on Friday and Lisa Aldridge arrived on Saturday. They are enjoying seeing each other and visiting.

The Declaration of Independance
One of only 20 copies of the Declaration of Independance in existance was here in Salt Lake this weekend. Watch a video about this copy of the Declaration here. Joseph and Tim went to the State Capitol Building Saturday evening to view the document on display. It was great. The newly remodeled Capitol Building was beautiful and the evening was spectacular. The view of the valley was great (as was the view of Tim's office on the NE corner of the 22nd FLoor of the Church Office Building).

Our whole family is enjoying the Olympics temendously. There are great stories of overcoming challenges through hard work, self discipline and making the most of oportunities. We join with the world in celebrating success and the joy of participation. Joseph and Tim are enjoying it at a different level having been in Beijing so recently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys find so many interesting things to do around here. I had no idea that document was even in the State. Wow, to be so close to history.


Aug 19, 2008, 5:57:00 AM  

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