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This blog is a record of events in the life of Joseph Taggart and his family since his spinal cord injury while body surfing in Guatemala in January 2006.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

"The Morning Breaks, The Shadows Flee"

The above words, written by Joseph's 3rd great grandfather P. P. Pratt, are the beginning of each week's Tabernacle Choir broadcast and seem appropriate for the current season of our lives. The LDS General Conference (,20007,6592-1,00.html) was wonderful and inspiring. Dad couldn't help but think of the millions impacted by the service of the Audiovisual Department who labored all weekend to make the conference available to the Church.
Our family is surrounded by people of great faith who love us and are interested in our welfare. We enjoyed a great England Bristol Mission reunion friday night (after Dad snuck over to the Australia South Mission reunion for an hour) and rejoiced with many of those who still serve as Joseph's big brothers and sisters. His thoughts were of his mission companions and friends from the Brazil Campinas Mission as well. As you click on the world map counter on the bottom of this blog, you see that Joseph's life is intertwined with so many of you who are praying and excercising faith. It is no wonder that our family is filled with feelings of peace, hope, and joy. When Parley wrote "The Morning Breaks, the Shadows Flee" his life was not one of comfort, ease and lack of trial. . . but the light of the Gospel floods the Earth and the soul, and fills one with the promise of the future.
Mom, Dad, and others gathered with Joseph in a conference with all the key medical, hospital, and insurance staff (about 20 or so) on Friday afternoon to discuss plans to bring him home from the hospital. It was a good meeting, filled with good humor (with Joseph you have no choice) good sense and good planning. we were able to discuss issues and plans critical to his future at home. The doctors have decided no second surgery is necessary (it would only make his x-rays prettier) and the plan is to have him released in the next two or three weeks. He will continue physical and occupational therapy afterwards on an outpatient basis. Mom and Dad continue training in caring for his bodily necessities and basic needs.
Saturday we had a farewell bash for Andrea the Occupational Therapy intern who has completed her internship. After being teased and worked over by Joseph for this past weeks she'll be able to handle anything in the future. Joseph continues to sleep nights off the respirator, and to spend the days with his trach "buttoned". This is very positive. They plan on sending him home with his trach still in if he is not able to get along without it before then. His infections and pnemonia have been beaten back again and he's doing well.

The house is progressing. They put up the ceiling joists on Thursday and got things covered up on Friday. Because the roof has to be so flat (4inches of slope in 18 feet) it has to be very watertight. The roofing that will work has to be installed when it is 60 degrees and getting warmer. (it may be in July!). Meanwhile we have plastic sheeting and faith. The interior stud walls for the shower/toilet are in and we are ready for the plumbing and electrical this coming week. The plan is to have it inspected the end of this week and do wallboard the first of the week following. We hope to have the painting and etc. done next week and move things back into the house (including us). All of this hopefully before Joseph is ready to be released. Our love and gratitude go out to all of you.
1) April 2006 General Conference
2) The England Bristol Mission May 1998 (Preston Temple Openhouse)
3) EBM November 1999 just before Elder Holland came to speak to us.
4) Mom, Dad, and Erin join Joseph for watching Conference.
5) Andrea's farewell (she's the one with the tiara).
6) Joseph's "Trach Button" that blocks the opening to his trach (see last blog)
7) The ceiling joists go up.
8) The temporary bedroom roof covering. . .
9) Inside stud walls for Joseph's shower/toilet.


Blogger Gym Rat said...

Wow, that counter is phenomenal. You have an amazing network of friends praying for you daily. Interesting thing about Parley Pratt; I have a journal of an ancestor in which he mentions meeting him. He came here from Scheffield, England. Wonder if we have some common ancestry?

Apr 2, 2006, 9:04:00 PM  
Blogger Chrissie said...

Hey I didn't know you were related to PP Pratt! We had some very good friends in Reading (Mike and Holly Dunn) and Mike Dunn was a direct descendent of PP Pratt too. So...that makes you cousins or something!! Well I'll be! (Mike now teaches at BYU by the way!)

Apr 3, 2006, 3:39:00 PM  

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